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To Feel Beautiful is importantt

It doesn’t matter that you are physically truly beautiful or not, to feel beautiful is important for girls. When you feel beautiful, you are not afraid of what people think about you. You worry less, you listen less, because you are secured.

Confidence is expensive. Can only be gained by YOU. Only YOU. When people tell bad things about you, do you have the confidence to say NO? You should.

Why are you so ugly?

My boyfriend was afraid of your boobs! Way too large!

You are too thin! Only dogs after bones 

Can’t you see yourself? You are too fat! You’re going to die soon by heart attack! Stay away from us.. You are not cool


Well, I have words for you:



People can say ANYTHING to you, only if you allow yourself to agree then you lose.


You can choose between :

To Accept Yourself And Be Proud of Whatever Your Condition Now


To Change Yourself To Better Version of You 

I can say that whatever your decision is, You are right.

Please note that you should appreciate your hardwork. You can’t satisfy everybody and other’s standard is not obligation for yo to fulfill. You can change until people call you plastic and you still not satisfied enough. The boundaries are the secure feeling inside you so that you can enjoy yourself and you cherish every moment in your life.

To feel beautiful is important. You must allow yourself to cherish yourself. You hate certain things about you, your attitude or anything, please forgive yourself and look to the front not otherwise. You will grow into better you as time goes by. If anyone read this post and encouraged to share your stories, please do because I’d really like to listen.


Respect from me.

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Ambition vs Reality, Which one should I prefer?

After I start my rat race life (get a job, work-earn money-spend money-work again-earn again-get bored-spend more-felt being underpaid-work harder-spend even harder-and…. I bet you can guess the next sequence…), I realize that there is something wrong with life.

Hell.. Life is not just for paying bills! It is more than that! It supposed to be meaningful. Meaningful enough to be remembered, by friends, family, surroundings, even me myself.

Duh. After all, you realize that you just live from bills to bills

I simply can’t believe this!

In a blog post I read a post from a man who just realized that his life is EMPTY.

There’s this. I don’t know the title so I’m just gonna write this way;

Story of Empty Life of A Man
He said that he is a good worker with bright career in his work, he earn a lot of money and able to buy anything he wants. Literally anything. And when he was about to spend, he thought hard about what he really wanted.

After a while, he was surprised that he had nothing that he wanted so bad. Not a fancy car, he is not a supercar fast-driver. Not fancy suits, the company had them for him for free. Not even holidays, he was always on business trips like 10 days every months and surely he visited lots of interesting places when he was in business trips. No, nothing.

Then he went home and met his wife. He was amazed that that’s his first talk with his wife after years! He was all wrapped with work everyday all this while, he went to work at 7 in the morning, got home at 7 p.m. and prepared for the next day. He only talked to his wife about foods that she cooked, about kids at school, pish-posh! He even forgot when did the last time he had sex with his wife! “Darn! Where have I been?” asked this man to himself.

He even barely knew his children and his wife cried a river, I mean really-really hard. She cried that the man she married twenty three years ago is no longer the same. He had been so charming, a loving husband, and hard worker. So hard that he care no more to her. She even cheating on him for 10 years and this man didn’t even care! That’s definitely wrong!

When your wife cheat on you and you just shake it off and carry on life as usual without hard feeling, no heart break.. That means something wrong with you, guys! That man has evolved to a money-maker machine, that’s all, no longer a human.

He sighed after taking a deep breath and went to a room where he placed his photos. He remembered in every detail of his youth. Once, he dated the most popular girl in school and he married her, gave him two children and things went dramatic at that time. He realized that he need to get a decent job so that his family can afford a good life, good education for his kids and money for his wife’s pedicure and manicure.

He still remembered that he had planned about world tour. He always wanted to travel around the world. He had been to New Zealand and Philippine and that’s all. He wanted to change the world into better place by spreading love for nature and invite everyone to do the same. But then, his little family changed him forever. He had dedicated his life to work so that he and his family won’t be hungry. What a great husband and responsible man indeed.

Definitely nothing is wrong about doing your responsibilities. That is good, you’ll be remembered as a good guy, family guy, responsible guy, and went to heaven. But something is wrong when at the end you feel empty and things got weird after you realized that you have wasted your life for something that you don’t really like.

I know people that have no hobbies AT ALL. No kidding, yes, they have no hobbies. They just live the life, being at a rat race, crawling all their way up in career they don’t really like but have no option, and die. But if you do have hobbies, or even ambition…please, do not forget it.

Even if you are busy, you need to strive spare your time for your happiness. Because being happy is a choice!

You mustn’t forget to be happy! 

Being happy is a choice. 

Do your responsibilities!be real. But never forget things that makes your life worth living


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Money, I command you to start working for me!!

There’s a question on my Quora that quite disturb me, it says:

Why do people work for money instead of vice versa?

by someone who is underage in Quora and declare himself to not to be enslaved by money, Huft… At the end the rat race will entrap you just like what most people experience.

I was so itchy to not answered it. The term “money works for us” refers to the sum of money that multiplied by itself after we put it into strong growing financial instruments such as saving (that only add 1-3% per year, meh…), government bonds, stocks, or physical things like a modest apartment building with 20 rooms with a rent fee of $200/month per room.

and I said

Off course my honey-bunny-sweety… We all want to do that. Wait, I’ll shake my wand “Oh Moneeeeey, from now on you should start working for me!!!” I also will stop working for money after my bill paid by someone kindhearted.

by me, a very nice girl next door that you never notice

But then I received a reply!

Go get a husband!

by someone who is underage in Quora and declare himself to not to be enslaved by money, Huft… At the end the rat race will entrap you just like what most people experience.

Whaaaat? Damn! He hit me right 😦

To be said is easier than to be committed. Work for money? You mean work from 6 to 6? (you get set to work at 6 am and arrive at home at 6 pm) like everybody does? Well, that pays the bills at least. Humm.. What’s wrong with that?

Well, nothing is wrong with that moreover it’s very fine if you don’t go old, get sick or your condition change.

Image result for rihanna work work work gif

I am trying to get money works for me, really. I put my money on stocks that dividends are good enough, around 5% or more per year. Well, the amount is not big but it will get bigger someday because I buy the stocks regularly.

My investment is not enough but soon it will be more than enough.

Related image
Money diet program

I’m on the right track I guess. Yes…

Hope you guys are in the right track too, the track that leads you to financial freedom tomorrow when you are old enough when you are not as strong as today and have the least health to strive for money. When that time comes if you are strong financially you won’t be worried for your life and even can help the life of your kids.


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Dear LIFE, please be more exciting

This morning I woke up in a regret.

If I could go back to age 21, I would accept the GRO job on that hotel.

If I could go back to age 22, I would accept the job offered by Marga Tour as a tour guide.

I wish I could go back to the past.

But I can’t.

Image result for regret

I know that I can’t go back to the past, I should let it go but the effect that I experience today reminds me of what I choose as my life path today.

Today I’m just a boring teacher in Ganesha Operation. I feel like no going any further here so I try to go for the next round of my life.

Then I applied to askwonder.com and find it’s interesting. I work there as a freelance sourcer. I go deep dive the internet and find some information that people find it’s hard to do. I have gotten some dollars from that but then the competition began pushing hard and I hardly get a job there. I only get 5-10 jobs per 2 weeks. So far, I like my job as a sourcer.

Then I tried travelista.club and wish I can spread my wings there. It requires me to have a website so I build this website as my journal to curate my feeling, my thoughts, experiences, and so on.

I am not that good in writing but I think I can learn.

The last thing is TRADING.

Ohh yes. I love Stocks

Reach me higher, higher..

I love how the price moves in the way I predicted earlier. I just love it. After years I learn how to trade, finally I know the secret.

I go for day trade, swing, and long term.

  • Swing is not only about identifying the lines that make the supports and resistances. It’s more of it. It’s more about predicting where the market goes fundamentally and adjust myself to the wave. It’s like combining between fundamental and technical which some people disagree. Oh, I don’t care as long as I make profit.
  • Day trade for me is more of the supply and demand power. I do tape reading analysis for that. Not very good at it but am on progress every time.
  • Long term investment for me is like finding a jewel that noone sees. It’s very fun when you find a stock that is too expensive but still worth it. and become more challenging if you find a stock that is too cheap, very cheap until you are afraid to put your money on it and then some days it goes up-up-up and boom! You haven’t had it and you regret it. It’s very fun.

Well, I really hope Travelista can hire me as a writer because I really want to be taught about some things that they promise to do.

I wish I need to take a trip too by writing as a travel blogger, I just don’t know where to start

After all, I regret of not doing some things but still cherish things today that I have in my life. Hope tomorrow will be better. and more exciting.

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Defining Priority For More Productive You

Everybody is given 24 hours a day to live, to be productive, but everybody does things differently and gain result differently too. To have better result of you, better achievements, to be more productive you might want to set yourself in better way. 

Here is the ABCDE method for your time management 

In time management to define whether something is important is crucial. 

So, imagine if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend that demand your attention right now. At the same time, you also have a paper to write that needs to submit soon. You also need to fix your camera because tomorrow you will visit places that worth capturing. All are important, so what to do first, second and so on? Check this out! 

This ABCDE method will help you to set your priority over your jobs and duties. 

“A” jobs is a task that is an OBLIGATION to do.

A-jobs will give you great benefit if you work on them and will leave you in regretful when you don’t do the jobs. It needs you to work on it immediately otherwise bad things will happen to you.  
Never switch yourself to do B-jobs if you haven’t completed your A-jobs list!

B is a task that only us can do that, doesn’t bring as much benefit as A-jobs but you shouldn’t forget it

B-jobs are not emergency to do but it has to be you to get them done. They won’t give you as great benefit as A-jobs if you work on them but still could leave you in regretful when you don’t do the jobs. B-jobs don’t necessarily to be done immediately. Yet you still have to do those. 

C is a task that you have to do, sometimes bring you pleasure.

C-jobs are not emergency, neither bring much benefit but you still need to do it. C-jobs demand you to lose some money or time and C-jobs give you pleasure. For example; your granny come along to see you and spend quality time as a family. If you miss your meeting with your family, they will hate you.

D is a task that you can delegate to.  

If you have more time you can do it yourself, if you have money to let others do it for you in more professional way then please do. 

E job is not essential to do. We do it when we are bored, jut to entertain us. C

E-jobs will bring no harm when we do that, nor benefit for us. 

Time is meaningful if we do meaningful tasks

Always remember that priority from one and another is different. For example if you are an actress and you have a to-do-list such as below:

  • Meeting an old friend that went to the same school
  • Read script for film shooting 
  • Watch favorite TV show
  • Buy a delicious coffee latte at street corner
  • spend some time with your movie partner

So what you need to do next is to decide the impact to you. 

  • Meeting an old friend –> She misses you so much and if you don’t meet her she might hate you. Well maybe you can spend 10-30 minutes for her. Then it’s C.
  • Read script for film shooting –> This movie will change your life, your career and tomorrow you need to memorize all he dialog for scene 10. Then it’s an A job. 
  • Watch favorite TV show –> You like it so much, you can’t miss it but if you do then there is nothing will happen to you.
  • Buy a delicious coffee latte at street corner –> You crave it so much but you don’t have time for that because the queue is insanely long. You remember that your assistant has nothing to do at the moment, so why not have her/him to buy the coffee latte for you. It’s D.
  • spend some time with your movie partner –> You need to practice to avoid mistake in tomorrow’s film shooting. You can practice by yourself without him/her but if you practice with him/her that’s better. Then B. 

And if you are just a high school student that given a homework to make a short movie and have the same list then the priority is like this: 

  • Meeting an old friend that went to the same school –> Well you meet her once a month you talk about boys and stuff, not really important. It’s C. 
  • Read script for film shooting –> You only have one line, you only have to know when to speak but it’s obligation for me to do it. So, it’s A. It might take you a minute but still at the top of your priority. Do not move to B until you finish reading your short line. 
  • Watch favorite TV show –> It’s E
  • Buy a delicious coffee latte at street corner –> E also
  • spend some time with your movie partner –> You meet him/her everyday and not necessarily to practice. It’s E.

You see, different people will have different priority and you don’t necessarily need to all the ABCDE jobs but definitely you need to catagorize all your jobs and do your A-jobs first. 

If you hate your job but you are obliged to do it, the fastest way to escape is by doing it. If you have better job to do that give the same or even higher compensation than what you receive today then switch to it. Remember, always know yourself to know what you deserve and suppose to do/have. 

There are jobs with good salary, but very frustrating work mates. Some jobs are fun, good work colleagues but low salary. Some jobs are not fun, but the team are so nice, good salary but you got annoying boss.

Nothing is perfect, what you can do is to measure how much you adapt to it.

If you can stand with frustrating work mates as long as the pay if good, why not.

Always remember that you can’t predict the tide that comes along to your ship but you can always adjust your sail and survive the storm eventually. 

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Must-visit Shopping Sites in London

Since I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and Christopher Robin at the cinema, I always dream myself going to London and went to pubs and go to countryside and pass the streets, check the castles, and shopping! Woohoo! Yes, shopping!

I am not a luxury shopper, just a value shopper but for some things I don’t really care about price. I love shopping and find rare and unique items. A friend of mine, Rina, says that I can visit her abandon house (what? abandon? A lonely ghost might already dwell in there! But that’s the interesting part! I wish I can have an adventure during my trip. Yaay!)

She says that if I go to London, I must visit these places:

  • Bicester Village
An elite shopping village in London

Rina says that it takes you one hour if you take the tube (the train) from London. This shopping complex has about 100+ branded outlet. There are Burberry, Coach, Celine, Gucci and many more. The discounts are crazy too! 60% off for several items, mostly are last season’s collections.. but if you a brand addict then visiting this village is a must. Well, I guess just doing window-shopping is also fun here 😀

  • Knightsbridge
Knightsbridge – What is this? Another elite shopping block?
Knightsbridge – Wait, there’s more

Knightsbridge is a posh area where biggest department stores in Europe located! Must be satisfying to see European interiors of the stores while shop one or two items there and eat in Harrods’ food hall!

All those munchies, snacks, breakfast, whatever you call it. Lemme taste them and decide Londoners’ tastebud if it meets mine. yum yum

Alcoholic Jelly? Really? What a good way to introduce alcohol to kids.

No, in my opinion you can’t let your kids tasting it and let them get used to the taste. Just no, but for me… Yass!! I’d love to try. Just one tiny bite won’t make you tipsy, eh?

Harrods Food Hall

How big Harrods Food Hall really is? If zombies ever dominate the world, I definitely can hide in Harrods Food Hall (wish the foods not rotten fast)

  • Camden

Vintage items are interesting! Camden area offers vintage things, souvenirs and many more! Humm… Something fits my pocket, finally!

presented to you, Camden!

The site says to come to Camden Market on Saturday 10th March, and every Saturday until 28th April, to get the best vintage clothing at this pop-up event. It’s free to get in and open from 10am – 6pm

This is healthy meal from Magic Falafal!

Well, you can die to cigarettes or burger, but this burger is healthy it says! Camden must be very interesting.

  • Spitalfields

Finally! Spitalfields!!! East London’s no. 1 market destination (as it identifies itself).

Guess what you can get here… Humm I wonder…

ain’t this cute? A finding in Spitalfields

Crescent with stones. I am glad if I can buy ton like this though I have had many already. Hehe